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You’ve got all of your orders and customer data in WooCommerce right? Now you want to ship all of those orders with Australia Post eParcel. How? You could manually enter those orders into the Australia Post eParcel Portal, or maybe you could export your order data to CSV, and try to import that file into the eParcel Portal. Another option could be to export your orders to another ‘shipping’ app, and manage your shipping there. Or, you could use linksync eParcel for WooCommerce and manage all aspects of shipping with eParcel right from within your WooCommerce online store, saving you huge amounts of time, money and avoiding the potential for human error.

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The linksync eParcel solution is available on two different plans:

1. Business Plan for US$39 per month and includes shipping of 100 parcels/articles per month. Additional articles are charged at .30c per article.

2. Premium Plan for US$69 per month, and includes shipping of 250 parcels/articles per month. Additional articles are charged at .20c per article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our eParcel solution is only intended to manage orders with eParcel once an order is received. You’ll still need your own solution for charging shipping for orders on checkout.

Yes, we can apply eParcel shipping to your existing shipping options.

Yes, all orders associated with eParcel shipping are validated against the Australia Post postcode database. If an address fails validation it’s flagged against the order so that site administrators are notified. A consignment can only be allocated to an order with a valid delivery address. Now, because we validate orders as they are created, when you first install linksync eParcel, existing orders won’t have been validated, so they’ll all show as invalid. Don’t be alarmed by this – its normal. You just need to view each order, and if the address passes validation, you can simply refresh your page, and move forward with creating your consignments. If the address is invalid, you just need to correct it, and we’ll revalidate it when you save.

With linksync for eParcel and WooCommerce, we generate consignment and article numbers for you, create labels, produce manifest summaries, notify your customers of tracking information and more, then when you’re ready to despatch you manifest, we upload it to the Australia Post eParcel SFTP server on your behalf. Once you sign-up for linksync for eParcel and WooCommerce, and install the linksync WooCommerce eParcel extension, you can start managing your eParcel consignments from within WooCommerce. All configuration options are managed from within WooCommerce using the Admin Settings for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce, including your eParcel account number, eParcel shipping options, confirmation email details sent to users when orders ship, and other options.

Yes, in Admin Settings for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce there is the option to set the Operation Mode to either Live or Test. Test mode enables you to use and test all features of the linksync eParcel for WooCommerce module without actually submitting a manifest to Australia Post on despatch of a manifest. Live mode will upload your manifest to Australia Post SFTP server on despatch of a manifest.

When you modify an orders shipping, consignment or article information, all order and consignment data is resubmitted to linksync, meaning that you’ll need to reprint labels for the consignment. The consignment number should not change, but the article details may change depending on the changes you’ve made.

When you cancel an order, whether it be by manually cancelling the order, or by editing an existing order, any un-despatched consignments against that order will automatically be cancelled. In the case of editing an existing order, you will need to create a new consignment and re-print labels against the new order version.

You have two options with linksync eParcel for notifying your customers of tracking information: i. Use Australia Post notification service, where they will email your customer with delivery advice when the consignment is on-board for delivery. You can set-up the Australia Post email notification at Admin Settings for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce. Please take note that the Australia Post will not send email confirmation when a consignment is despatched – you should use the following option if you require this feature. ii. Send an email notification from WooCommerce with a customisable email message letting your customers know that their order has shipped when you despatch a manifest. You can set-up the Notify Customers on despatch of Manifest at Admin Settings for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce.

Yes, all manifests submitted with the linksync eParcel for WooCommerce will be accessible via the eParcel Portal as if you’d entered them via the portal. They will usually appear in the Portal within 10 minutes of the manifest being submitted by linksync eParcel for WooCommerce.

No, we have no support for international returns. They will need to use the eParcel portal to handle returns.

The Australia Post eParcel service is for established online sellers that send more than 1,000 parcels a year. The service provides tools and features that help business streamline their shipping and distribution of orders and returns. With linksync you can print barcoded labels and shipping information and send eParcel consignment and manifests to Australia Post Secure eParcel FTP sever, all from within your online store. Using our linksync eParcel solution integrated with your own online store will help you manage your shipping more efficiently and assist your business with:

  • Address validation
  • Consignment management
  • Barcoded label creation and printing
  • Manifest management and submission to Australia Post
  • Online tracking and delivery notifications for your customers
  • Fast and Secure


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